The summer delicacy, corn, is not only delicious with corn, but it is also delicious and good for your health if you drink corn whiskers as tea. In oriental medicine, cornbeard is called Okchokseoye and has been used as a medicine since ancient times.

However, if you search for this corn beard not only in Korea but also in Yahoo in the United States, it is so useful in foreign countries that the efficacy of corn silk and research data are searched a lot.

Let’s not just eat corn, but never throw away cornbeard and make use of it. Sansam, who has only one kidney, also drinks a glass of corn silk tea every day.

a cornbeard

Cornbeard is botanically a pistil of corn and is called Okchokseoye, Okmibal, Okbal, etc

The current Korean name corn is based on the Joseon Botanical Hyangmyeong Collection (Joseon Museum Research Association, Jeong Tae-hyun et al. 3, 1937). It originated from Wisu in China and became corn, a Korean pronunciation of Chinese characters. It is etymologically changed to Okshushu ☞ corn.


Corn, Indian Corn, Maize

a single-leafed plant called a single-leafed annual of rice and an annual plant of the genus Corn

The scientific name is Zeamays L.

The genus name Zea is derived from the Greek old name for plants belonging to the genus of rice, and refers to plants in the genus Rice and Corn, and the species name may is derived from the native South American noun Tonym.

How many cornbeards do you have?

Young Hankook Ilbo

corn flowers and water is separate from one groove. The water flowers bloom in the top of the stem, and rock flowers bloom next side. The two flowers in the two flowers that fall apart. However, it is corn salt that needs to change the pollen that needs to modify.

That is, in charge of cancer, which the beard is in charge of surgery. When modification, eggs begin to create corn. In other words, it’s a corn eggs. Therefore, the number of eggs and beard can be seen as the same.

corn salt nutrients

The main nutritional ingredients of corn beard, vegetables, water, and calcium (eptonic acid), and calcium (eptonic acid) (e.g., calcium sulfonic acid) (soline) (eIt was investigated.

corn salt efficacy

corn salt, which has recently been light on diet drinks, and blood vessels. From example, it was used as a special effect of removing the urine, liver blood pressure, liver blood pressure, liver blood pressure, liver blood pressure, liver blood pressure, liver, liver, liver blood and yogurt and yogurt.

In terms of the Joseon Dynasty, which is comfortable, corn salt in the Joseon Dynasty, corn salt and kidney functionality improvement in accordance with the Sunjo, corn disease and kidney functionality.

corn salt is applied to increase the discharge amount of inflammation of inflammation and inflammation in blood.

Recently, Professor Myung Soon-cheol of urology at Chung-Ang University confirmed three antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, including rutheolin, and active ingredients that improve bladder and prostate symptoms in corn beard extracts.

Corn beards are used not only in Korea but also in China, Vietnam, and South America as urethral stones, kidney inflammation, diabetes treatment, and diuretics. Many studies have been reported in Korea. Due to this action, many studies have been conducted to use cornbeard as a health functional food material.

Corn beards obtained as a by-product of growing corn contain a large amount of mayin, apimaysin, and methoxymaysin, a flavonoid substance with high antioxidant and anticancer activity.

▲ Corn Beard Extract Maycine / Photo: Rural Development Administration

the efficacy of corn silk tea

1. Prevention of urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections are the most common disease in women and a small number of men, usually caused by bacteria invading the bladder, and a glass of corn silk tea helps kill bacteria and prevent irritation and inflammation.

2. Diuretic activity

Corn silk tea is used for diuretic effects that release excess waste and moisture from the body. This prevents kidney disease and the possibility of congestive heart failure.

3. Prevention of kidney stones

Kidney stones form small crystallized sediments that cause pain and irritation when urinating, and cornbearls increase urine flow and reduce the likelihood of sediment formation in the kidneys. However, kidney stones that have already been diagnosed are not treated.

4. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the major causes of death in modern times, including stroke. Corn silk tea is a good food for high blood pressure that releases extra potassium from the body and regulates the balance of sodium, which plays an important role in the development of mental and cognitive abilities and blood pressure control.

5. Promote blood clotting

Vitamin K, which is contained in large amounts in cornbearls, prevents excessive bleeding in case of injury because it helps blood clotting.

6. Adjusting cholesterol levels

Corn silk tea can help keep blood cholesterol levels low, so it can stay healthy and lower the risk of heart disease.

7. Controlling blood sugar levels

Drugs for corn-bearded diabetes are also used to lower blood sugar levels. However, it should be noted that taking cornbeard with diabetes mellitus can lower blood sugar too much.

8. Improving immunity

Corn silk tea contains vitamin C, which increases immunity, which helps improve the body’s immunity.

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9. Diet (weight control)

Obesity is a big problem in modern times. Obesity occurs because moisture accumulates excessively and toxicity accumulates in the human body due to excessive weight gain. Corn silk tea is also effective in dieting because it releases excess waste and moisture in the body, reducing the possibility of weight gain.

10. Balance of mineral concentration in the body

Corn silk tea helps to maintain the ideal level of sodium in our bodies and helps balance the levels of essential minerals in our bodies, which are essential for healthy living, by releasing extra potassium.

Precautions for Corn Silk Tea

When dieting using corn silk tea, excessive consumption of corn silk tea can lead to more urine emissions than intake, which can lead to dehydration symptoms. If you take corn silk tea for a long time, it is recommended to drink bottled water from time to time.

In addition, pregnant women can consume a small amount of corn silk tea on doctor’s advice because it can lead to uterine irritation and miscarriage.