Is it disadvantageous to Google’s top exposure if I modify blog posts?

To start with the conclusion, I recommend you to revise your writing steadily.

(To be exact, it is correct to describe it as an update of the article.)


If you take a little bit of time to revise what was already written,

You can look for a chance to expose yourself without having to write a new article

You can save a lot of time.

How does updating a post actually affect top exposure? 구글 로직 There are two main positive effects. The first is the number of crawls. In a YouTube video about the previous “Top Exposure Method on YouTube,” Google search engine’s. We’ve learned the concept of crawl by explaining how it works.

* Crawling: The act of a search engine bot scratching my posts to reflect them in Google search results

Just by modifying the post and changing the update date to the latest, Google’s

This “crawling” frequency can have a positive effect.

That doesn’t mean you just need to modify one word and press the Update button.

You actually have to “refresh” that document.




The second reason I need to update my writing is,

Because of “quality content.”


The reason why we “refresh” documents is to create this quality content.

(Of course, the posts and sites that have been updated will receive more love from people.)

So what parts of the text can you modify?

If you look at what you wrote before,

If you’re introducing data that’s too old, then you’re introducing the latest data

You’ll need to attach it.

Or in the case of an article introducing a software, the error correction history, etc

I can update you continuously.

Not only that, but what you later learned about the subject of the article,

You can also add media materials such as videos and audio that you posted on YouTube.

There’s a lesson you can learn from the update process.

That’s because you don’t have to modify the content in the first place

It’s about publishing content that people can search for for a long time without going out of fashion.

(informative writings that people search well)

Find and take out what you wrote in the past.

And think about which part of the text you can do better.

Of course, you don’t have to keep paying attention to and revise the article that you wrote recently.

If it’s a recent article, first of all, wait until it’s reflected in the search results, check the ranking,

It’s a process of comparing the contents of other documents and my writings and revising them again.

Then out of all the comments I wrote,

What standards do you want to update?

Can I pick one?

1. Your site has a higher domain score than other sites on page 1 of the search results

The content of the article looks similar, but it is not going up further

2. Topic articles that require continuous addition of new versions, modifications, and updates

(Application or tool introduction, etc.)

3. If the search volume of the target keyword in the article continues to decrease or you find a better target keyword

4. As a result of the analysis of Analytics, the article on the page where traffic is gradually decreasing

Of course, post-update is not a magical way to rank high on Google at once.

Assuming (of course) that the text is based on Google SEO

Let’s apply the above additionally.